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Intercultural Development in Global Service-Learning

This reprinting of Intercultural Development in Global Service-Learning makes this important research available for service-learning and study abroad practitioners. This mixed-methods study utilized the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI v3) and in-depth student interviews to understand whether and how students experience intercultural development. Despite the small sample size, there are significant results (using the Wilcoxon signed ranks test). Iterative coding yielded three major themes, including the reasons for changes in intercultural development, the results of these changes, and the experience of those changes. These themes are fully developed in the text, and provide important information for practitioners of international education. Committee members include Eric Hartman, Peggy Pusch, and Kent Warren.

Transitions Across Cultures

Transitions Across Cultures, the first in the Practical Interculturalist’s Guidebook series, is an approachable explanation of what you can expect when crossing cultures. In this book, learn how to effectively navigate the stages of transition. Understand why you will experience culture shock and what to do about it. Identify healthy ways to deal with the stresses of crossing cultures. Prepare for returning home, whether you’ve been gone for a month or for years. Whether you are a first-time study-abroad student, a seasoned business traveler, or are relocating internationally, you will find this book to be very useful. Transitions Across Cultures also has advice for friends, families, and managers of those who are traveling. Includes a comprehensive glossary.

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